Estelar Studios

About Us

Actually i'm the only one working on the developing of the games and assets. I live in Brazil, more especify in Rio Grande do Sul.


Space Twist

Platform: Android Release: 21 Jul 2017

Unfold the galaxy by staying on the platforms and don't let gravity pull you into the infinity of space. In your journey, collect as many crystals as you can, to get rid of new skins and embark on this adventure.

Infinity Boat Racer

Platform: Android Release: 25 Apr 2017

Infinite boat runner is a game where you need to try to arrive more far away who you can, Avoiding your boat colliding with obstacles, but always collecting the coins you find on the map, these coins that are used to upgrade the duration of your power up's.


Item Spawner

Platform: Unity Release: 2 Jun 2017 Version: 1.2

Has a Survival Game, Battle Royale,... and need an system to spawn random items in the map?