Codename Netuno

The Game

"Codename Netuno" is a game where the main objective is the survival, counting on several functionalities as: base construction, creation of items, modification of terrain, production, collection and management of resources, among others. The game seeks to exit the saturation of games of the genre with a futuristic or apocalyptic scenario, keeping only the basis of the genre as quoted above.

• The above Video is a prototype version of the game, all mechanics are being redone for better performance and adapt to the theme.
• You can follow the development of the game through the DEV Blog, where weekly or biweekly updates will be posted.
Both the name and the plot have not yet been defined to the present moment, so the name and the plot are not yet defined, but should be set soon.

Current Status

In Development

We are remaking all the mecanisms to improve the performance and optimize the future work.



Item Spawner

100% Complete

Inventory System

95% Complete

Stats Bars

25% Complete


0% Complete

Interactable Trees/Rocks

0% Complete


0% Complete


0% Complete


0% Complete