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#2 - Info's, Game Engine & Plataforms | Current Status

Hi .
Let's to the first post where we will definitely talk about the game! Here i will explain about some facts of the game, technical things and show the current status. Consider yourself free to post a comment about anything you want, i will be happy to answer you. :D


    The Game

  • The title curently are uncertain, i will wait some time to think about a good name.
  • The History will be molded soon, soon as finish the prototype systems.
  • Multiplayer are not planned for the launch version, i want to have a stable singleplayer build and then go to the next step, the online mode.
  • The graphics will between cartoon and realistic (Soon i will show some image about this).
  • The launch date are uncertain, because i don't work full time as a gamedev, but i will try to get a playable version soon as possible.

    Game Engine, Coding & Plataforms

  • The game engine will be Unity, (v. 2018 or higher);
  • Will be coded in C#;
  • 3D Models will be maded on 3DS Max.
  • Is planned to launch first to Windows and then to Linux.

Current Status

As i've sayed above, i was working on the prototype of the base systems, after i get it working togheter will be the time to work on small ajusts and improvements, after that, start working on the game narrative, title, arts,... 
About the systems, the more advanced is the Inventory system, it's almost done, is missing some optimizations, visual ajusts and in the system a stack and split function. Below you can see how it is right now. (The layout and all other things, can and will definitely be changed).

Codename Netuno - Inventory System
Inventory System

Other System that is working well, are the Item Spawner (Yes, i'm using my own asset, as you can see on the Estelar Studios Page), the asset fit perfectly with my requirements.

Codename Netuno - Item Spawner
Item Spawner


And that's all i wanted to show.
Comment below what do you think about the game, feedback is always welcome.
If you want to get in contact directly, send an email using the contact form on Estelar Studios Page.

Bye, see you soon!

Paulo K.
Estelar Studios.

#1 - New Website and Dev Blog

In first place, thank you to come here to follow the progress of this game. This website will be updated weekly or biweekly, then, stay tuned for updates.

In the past two weeks i've spended on remaking the Estelar Studios Page and creating the new Codename Netuno Page and this Dev Blog, those sites and system are far from get finished and i will update it frequently.

Let's to the game, as you may have already seen, the Codename Netuno Page have the current status of the major systems, there you can have a quick overview of how are going the project, if you want to see a more detailed proccess stay tunned here.